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INTERACTION WINS 2024 Virtual Winter School Registration Deadlines February 7th

The aim of INTERACTION WINS 2024 is to provide a comprehensive overview of non-canonical nucleic acid (NA) secondary structures now recognized as innovative therapeutic targets in a growing number of pathologies, outlining the set of hot topics in the field and demonstrating their importance for medicine and molecular biology. Our goal is to familiarize the students with up-to-date knowledge of the general methodology used for the investigation of NA structures and a point-by-point analysis of the potential of this innovative therapeutic approach.

During the lectures, workshops, and social events, both current prospects and putative pitfalls of the research on NA structures will be discussed with outstanding international speakers to promote an exchange of expertise and encourage students to bring fresh ideas into the field.

Registration is free of charge but limited to the first 100 subscribers only.

RegistrationExtended until February 7th, 2024 or subject to availability.

Abstract submission for Short Oral or Poster PresentationsFebruary 7th, 2024

Flyer IW2024
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