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Françoise Debart obtained her Ph.D in Chemistry from University of Montpellier in 1989 in the laboratory of Prof. J.-L. Imbach, expert in the field of the chemistry of Nucleic acids and its components. In the same year, she joined the French National Center of Scientific Research (C.N.R.S) as an Associate Researcher. From 1990 to 1992, she was a post-doctoral fellow at Isis Pharmaceuticals (California, USA) in the field of antisense oligonucleotides. She then returned to Montpellier in Imbach’s group and she worked on backbone-modified DNA oligonucleotides. In 2003, she moved from DNA chemistry to RNA chemistry and she focused her research on new methodologies for synthesis of modified RNAs. Since 2011, she has been a Director of Research at CNRS working at the Institute of Biomolecules Max Mousseron (IBMM). Her research interests focus on the synthesis of modified RNA oligonucleotides as valuable tools for therapeutic applications and for understanding the RNA machinery. She is recognized as an expert in the synthesis of 5'-capped RNAs bearing modifications.

Main research areas

Modified oligonucleotides as biological or therapeutic tools: design, synthesis, biochemical and biological studies. Methodology of chemical synthesis of DNA or RNA oligonucleotides analogues.

Epitranscriptomics, emerging viruses, RNAarrays


Synthesis in solution or on solid support of natural or modified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides using phosphoramidite or H-phosphonate chemistries.

Synthesis of 5’-triphosphate and 5’cap RNA.

Synthesis of nucleoside analogues as phosphoramidite building blocks for preparation of modified DNA or RNA oligonucleotides.

Evaluation of biochemical and biophysical properties of modified oligonucleotides.


Nucleic Acids, Oligonucleotides, nucleosides, DNA, RNA, oligonucleotide analogues, antisense, antigene, siRNA, duplex, triplex, hybridation, cell uptake, oligonucleotide modifications, modified backbones, alpha-anomeric oligonucleotides, oligonucleotide prodrugs, automated synthesis on solid-support, phosphoramidite chemistry, H-phosphonate chemistry, modified RNA, 5’-triphosphate RNA, 5’-cap RNA (GpppRNA), RNA methylation, viral enzymes, methyltransferases, SAM analogues.

Francoise Debart

Francoise Debart

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