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Professor Sergei Nikolaevich Mikhailov

We regret to inform that on November 5, 2020, Professor Sergei Nikolaevich Mikhailov, from the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, succumbed to COVID-19.

Sergei's entire career was associated with the chemistry of nucleic acids. After graduating from Moscow State University in 1971, he moved to the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, where he worked until the end of his life. In 1977 he obtained his PhD degree, and in 1990 - a DrSci degree.

Sergei was a brilliant specialist in his area. His work on the synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides, as well as their use as effectors of different enzymes, provided important contributions to our field of science. He was well known among the nucleoside community and regularly took part in the IS3NA IRT meetings. Sergei was also a good mentor and trained a large number of scientists who now work in different countries. He was also an attentive and kind person and all his friends and colleagues deeply mourn his passing.

We ask you to join us in remembering Sergei Mikhailov as an excellent scientist and wonderful person as well as sending condolences to his family.

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