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Job Opening: DNA Chemist , Elegen

At Elegen, we are developing innovative technologies to unlock the SynBio revolution. We are seeking an experienced, versatile synthetic chemist to become a key member of our growing R&D team, spearheading the development of a new and disruptive DNA synthesizer. As a part of our team, they will play a central role in helping us optimize solid-phase DNA synthetic chemistry on our proprietary microfluidic platform. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and self-driven chemist to get in near the ground floor of a fast moving, very high impact start-up. In addition to working on cutting edge technology, the candidate would help us establish a strong culture of mutual respect, integrity, and collaboration while working alongside some of Silicon Valley’s best scientists and engineers. Essential Responsibilities: ● Optimize solid-phase DNA synthesis on our proprietary hardware. ● Work with vendors to source solid supports with the correct surface chemistry. ● Develop methods for highly-parallel DNA deprotection and cleavage. ● Develop analytical methods for small quantities of DNA. ● Design and execute hypothesis driven experiments with the goal of troubleshooting and quality optimization. ● Develop and document robust, reproducible laboratory processes for automated DNA synthesis on our proprietary hardware with high yield and consistent side product distribution. ● Analyze data efficiently and accurately to measure performance. ● Work safely and independently in a laboratory environment. ● Communicate plans and results effectively with team members. ● Participate in project brainstorming discussions with the rest of the project team. Essential Candidate Profile: ● PhD in organic synthetic chemistry, or equivalent experience. ● Experience with phosphoramidite chemistry for DNA synthesis. ● Has experience working as part of a multifaceted project team (i.e. HW, SW, chemistry, and analysis). ● Has demonstrated success in optimizing DNA synthesis chemistry on at least one platform. ● Well versed in theory and practice of general chemistry, solid-phase synthesis, and instrumental analysis techniques (e.g. HPLC, MS, etc.). ● Works well with others and enjoys a highly collaborative team environment. ● Excels at evaluating a large set of possibilities and tradeoffs in complex chemical systems and selecting an optimal solution. ● Demonstrates the highest level of professional integrity. Preferred Candidate Qualifications: ● Has experience on a full product development cycle. ● Has experience with life science tools development. ● Has experience with multiple oligo synthesis platforms. ● Experience with microfluidics is a significant plus.
About the company: We are now at the dawn of the synthetic biology revolution, which will spawn new applications, markets, and business models, improving human lives in countless ways. This revolution will be driven by new technologies that enable DNA writing at speed and scale. Founded and led by Dr. Matthew Hill and located in San Carlos, CA, Elegen is well-capitalized by top life science investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, 8VC, and KdT. The company is advised and staffed by leading biotechnology scientists and entrepreneurs, including Dr. Marc Unger, inventor of the Nanoflex™ valve, and former CSO of Fluidigm. Dr. Hill has a PhD from Stanford and a proven track record of advancing innovative technologies from invention to commercial success. Over eight years in his previous role as VP of R&D at a leading molecular diagnostics company, he co-invented and launched five precision molecular diagnostic products, including a best-in-class noninvasive prenatal test used by millions. These products earn more than $350 million per year in revenue and enabled an IPO. Interested candidates please email your resume to: Hellen Orellana, in talent acquisition.
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