IS3NA Membership Benefits

Membership does in fact have its privileges

By becoming a member you will have access to a comprehensive database of scientists working in your field. This database not only includes the name, organization, and coordinates to locate each member, but also contains links to their respective CV's and fields of interest. Members will be able to register and submit their abstracts in a specific format for each of the Round Table meetings. Through our new website members can submit information for rapid access and dissemination to the membership at large; for example, the announcement of relevant meetings (local or international), job openings and opportunities, and important news in a specific field of interest. A "members publication section" will invite each member to post his/her most recent paper as a pdf file for rapid dissemination. The work can be rated by other members using a 5-star system; thus, encouraging dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Also, a special "hot papers section" will allow members to post recent papers that they have read in their area of expertise and that they think deserves the attention of other members. Members will also have access to a variety of Vendors through links to their online catalogues. Through the website members will get feedback from colleagues who use these reagents.

Belonging to a professional society dedicated to interdisciplinary science involving Nucleosides, Nucleootides, and Nucleic Acids.

Reduced registration fees at industry related events, including future International Roundtable conferences on Nucleosides, Nucleootides, and Nucleic Acids held every two years.

Reduced subscription rates for participating journals (click here for more details). The journals Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Nucleic Acids Research and Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic acids are currently affiliated with the society.

Contact a specific member.

Establish interdisciplinary collaborations by looking at areas of expertise of other members.

Contact a specific vendor and check the catalog for product information.

Find out about the experience of a member using specific products.

Find the latest publications from your colleagues, read them and rate them according to the importance to the field.

Obtain job openings information.
Learn about regional, national and international meetings in your field of interest.